Our story begins in the mountain cabin owned by Tom B. Stone and his wife Evonna.  Tom B. now 73, is forty years
her senior Evonna has recently turned 33.  This is a love story in which age does not matter, in fact as Evonna has
said over and over; 

The 40 year age gap never made any difference.   It is only a number anyway.  
Our love and devotion was mutual. 
"From the first time we met, we knew we were made for each other".

Tom B. and his devoted wife Evonna are sitting on the front porch of their cabin in the mountains as the do every night.  They are enjoying the sunset, while Tom B. sips his evening coffee and Evonna is rocking beside him smiling at Tom while she remembers how this all came to pass.

Her mind drifts back to the early years when she was an 18 year old, dancing and hustling drinks in dance halls in the Sacramento area.  She was a fallen angel as they used to refer to the girls at that time.  She remembers a younger Evonna as she walked around the dance hall seeking prospects for the evenings entertainment.

She was drifting through the tables when in walks a younger Tom B. Stone man just 58, he was looking for some action at the tables, and their eyes met and all at once a flare up of passion ignites and love is in the air.  As Tom B. spots an open table and begins to saunter over, Evonna sees exactly where he is headed and heads him off at the pass.  Or in this case, the open card table.

Tom sits down and Evonna puts her arms on his shoulder, staking him out with ownership and charm.  She bends down and kisses his cheek.  Tom immediately pays honor to this young lady by kissing her back passionately and the romance begins.

While Evonna and Tom begin to get acquainted, action out on Front street changes the evening completely.

A young tough rides his horse to the hitching rail and dismounts.  You can tell there is something on his mind as he looks around and spots a familiar horse tied at the same rail.  A horse that is owned by Tom B. Stone.  The stranger opens his coat and lifts out a 44 Colt and spins the cylinders checking it's load.  Satisfied all is well, he ties his horse to the rail and struts inside looking for trouble.

Tom B. is now sitting with Evonna in a chair next to him kissing his check and his neck.  She spots this young stranger and whispers in Tom B's ear about the dance halls newest patron.  To eliminate any possibility of trouble Evonna gets up and tries to head off the stranger, and offers him a dance.  The stranger pushes Evonna out of the way and heads directly over to Tom B. to confront him.

Not unfamiliar with such an approach, Tom B. offers the chair just vacated by Evonna.  The stranger chooses to stand and asks if Tom is in fact Tom B. Stone, better known as "Tombstone".  Tom B. smiles and replies "Maybe".   The entire time Tom has his hand on the butt of his own 44 which is laying comfortably in a cross draw holster positioned against Tom's left thigh.  Unfortunately for the stranger, he can not see exactly the move that Tom has just made.

Tom ignores the stranger after a few seconds and turns back to the card table for some game action.  No sooner than Tom turns away than the stranger draws his 44, and starts to tell Tom to draw.

The stranger does not get the words out before Tom has drawn his own 44 and fires a single shot.  The stranger is dead in in an instant, and Tom B. has earned another notch for the butt of his 44; this now makes number six.

Evonna runs over to Tom, throws her arms around him him and pulls him down to kiss her on the lips.  The fire that started when they first met has now grown into a fully engulfing of what no one can doubt is called love.  In less than an instant Evonna has got her man and the legend of Thomas Bennett Stone has added another twist.  At the same time, an instant earlier, a man lies dead on the dance hall floor and another has been staked and claimed by Evonna.

The town Marshall arrives in less than ten minutes and everyone declares the shooting was in self defense.  Most of the people around the table know Tom and with Evonna's help Tom is free to go on his way.  However, Evonna does not see it that way.  In fact, Evonna has her arm around Tom's waist and is whispering again in to Tom's ear that maybe he would like to head out of town. Except this time he will have a traveling companion.  A traveling companion who in fact needs her own horse.

And so our story begins.
The legend of Tom B. Stone

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