The Legend of "Tom B. Stone"
The problem with legends,
is someone somewhere will always believe them,
then usually be dumb enough to want to challenge them.
No matter how old or outrageous or how crazy the legend has become
someone somewhere will want to become the legend and make it their own.
Someone somewhere feels they are the legend, even if there is no legend to be!
 But all legends have a basis for being, you only need to look for it then find it. 

Thomas Bennett Stone was such a legend.  Born Tommaso Bennetti Pietra, in the centuries old village of Castellmmare del Golfo, Sicily in the year 1842 he was the last person  you would have ever dreamed to become a legend.  However, his Karma had destined Tommaso was to become exactly that.  He was destined to become the 
"The legend of Tom B. Stone"!

Long before he reached his twelfth birthday, Tommaso had decided he 
needed to find his own world.  Against his fathers orders he would disappear 
for days at a time.  He would sneak off to the harbor of Palermo .
where he could see himself someday being on-board a tall masted ship. 
He could picture himself booking passage and someday going to America 
somehow he knew that is where his future lay.

Destiny stepped in one evening around midnight and soon
Tommaso Bennetti Pietra was on his way toward becoming the legend. 
Without intending to meet his future, just looking for a place to sleep Tommaso managed to sneak onboard an outbound ship, not knowing it was sailing the very next morning. 
However when he woke the stars were brighter than he had ever seen them 
and he was far out in the Mediterranean Sea heading west toward north 
Africa then on to his dream of America and San Francisco of 1856.

Now seventy-three, he looked out from the front porch of his home in the mountains
northeast of Sacramento and the road that had brought him here.  Tommaso Bennitti Pietra, now known to all as Tom B. Stone stared at the same stars he had drempt on years ago and knew fate had led him here.  This was his land, this was his town,
 this was his valley.

 "The Legend of TOM B STONE"

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Bill Bennett, PhD
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The First Western Since - Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid in 1969
With Absolutely No Profanity

On Labor Day weekend August 30th 2014, I emailed my very dear friend in Paris, France
world renown composer extraordinaire ROBERT LAURI. 

I told him of my new film "Tombstone-Territory" and asked if he would like to score the film.  I told him I would like to have him write a love song for the introduction to the film, and I wanted it not to mention the film as part of the song.  He said he was on holiday until the 3rd of September but would work on it on his return.  On the 4th I got a Facebook message from Rob. In colaboration with Mitch Hiller, a close friend and equally renown composer, I  now have the pleasure of introducing the introduction song for our film, please enjoy;

Proformed by Robert Lauri​, accompanied by Mitch Hiller composer

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